Commissions and Commercial Use – FAQs

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions around Commissions and Commercial Use. If, having read these FAQs AND the general information about Commissions and Commercial Use, you still have unanswered questions, please email


  1. How much does a commission cost?
    There is no simple answer to that as it depends on lots of factors, such as the amount of research and preparation I need to do before I start drawing, how complex the drawing is, how many images you need, etc…
    The reality of drawing artwork is that it takes a lot of time per image.
  2. How long does a commission take to complete?
    It depends how much research I need to do, how complex the images are and how many images you want. It really is just me – Jess – doing the work! I also work in the NHS as a Midwife and it depends on my coming shift schedule as well as anything going on in my personal life. Expect it to take weeks rather than days.
  3. Can I pay to jump the queue?
    If I take a commission, it gets my full attention. If there is a queue, it will be honoured.
  4. It says you are not taking commissions at the moment, but I really need something now. Can you…?
    If I am closed to commissions, I am not taking on further work at the moment.
  5. If I commission you to draw something, do I own the copyright, or can I have rights of exclusive use?
    You can, but it will cost more than if you commission me with non-exclusive rights of use. I always have to balance taking a commission with drawing work for other purposes. As a result of the commissions I take, I am able to offer low cost or free copies of works to charities and non-profits around the world.
  6. Can I commission you with non-exclusive rights, but request that you don’t offer it to similar businesses to mine?
    No – I’m sorry, but licensing on that basis becomes extremely complicated. It’s either exclusive, or not.

Commercial Use

  1. I want to use some images in a way which is not allowed by the commercial use licence. Is that possible?
    No. I’m sorry, but I get a couple of requests a week for the use of my images in various ways. I have created a commercial use licence which caters for the majority of requests. To create a new licence outside the norm requires me to consult a solicitor to ensure my rights are protected. It just isn’t possible to accommodate all requests.
  2. I would like to feature your images in my book (which is not a course or class handbook). Can we discuss this?
    There are limited circumstances where I am happy to discuss the use of my artwork in a book. These are:
    – where we have an existing relationship
    – where the book is created by or for a registered UK charity and is intended to support vulnerable members of the community at no cost to the vulnerable
    – where the book is created by or for a global charity or non-profit organisation (and which I can readily verify the status of) whose aim is to assist in the maternity and health care of those living in developing countries
    If those circumstances apply, please get in touch –
  3. Do you offer discounts? Can I pay a one-off amount for a larger number of uses?
    No. This pricing has now been established from experiences and contracts from several years of running Student Midwife Studygram. My artwork is first and foremost intended to support students of midwifery and maternity care and my core intent will always be to provide resources for them. Over the last couple of years I have found that commercial requests take a lot of time and discussion which stops me generating new work and sharing more for free on my social media for students.
  4. Can I use the personal (non-commercial) use licence for my small business?
    No. Any commercial use must be backed with a commercial use licence. It takes me hours of work to research and create each image and I must defend the copyright and intellectual property rights that result. If you want a free or cheap image, there are other sources available. All digital products are watermarked and uniquely identifiable to the purchaser.
  5. I want to use your resources for a charity – do you offer any discounts?
    YES, we offer substantial discounts (up to completely free) if you are a:
    – UK registered charity or non-profit organisation working with vulnerable individuals
    – A non-UK charity or non-profit organisation who can be readily verified as legitimate
    …please get in touch by email – – to discuss discounts. We can also provide low or no cost pre-printed products in some circumstances (often dependent on the ability to ship to you) as you are doing amazing things in the world.
    No other discounts are available for other organisations.

If there are unanswered questions, please ensure you have also read our general information about Commissions and Commercial Use before getting in touch by email –