Digital Product Personal Use

Student Midwife Studygram was originally founded for the benefit of student midwives and students of maternity care.

The copyright of all works belongs to Student Midwife Studygram. Any use of digital images by Student Midwife Studygram is prohibited unless allowed by the purchase of a specific licence, with the exception of sharing of social media content which Student Midwife Studygram has already shared on their social media. Sharing of this content is permitted provided credit is given to Student Midwife Studygram and all logos remain intact with no other logos added and the sharing is not for commercial or financial gain.

There are only two licences available – one for personal (non-commercial) use and one for commercial use. Any use outside of the terms of these licences is a breach of copyright. All images are digitally watermarked and identifiable to the specific purchaser. If you wish to use my images commercially, please read the information on Commercial Use instead.


  1. What is personal use?
    Essentially, it’s using it only for yourself and not sharing it with anyone else. The exception to that is if you are a student, where you can use it as below.
  2. Can I use a digital image I buy from you in my coursework?
    Yes – provided you are a student on an accredited or otherwise legitimate course of education, you may use it as per the conditions on permitted use which include coursework and presentations provided you credit the image.
  3. Can I buy a digital item as a gift for a friend?
    Unfortunately it becomes complicated in terms of the licence for use. It is far easier to buy them a Gift Card and they can then select and purchase the item themselves and thereby agree to the licence conditions.
  4. I’m a very small business – can I use these images?
    I’m afraid that even as a small business you will need to buy a Commercial Use licence instead. Student Midwife Studygram was set up for students and that will always be the core focus. Abusing a personal use licence might lead to them not being available for anyone.

START: Digital Product Personal (Non-Commercial) Use Licence (version 1.0)

Digital Product Personal (Non-Commerical) Use Licence (version 1.0)

These Additional Terms and Conditions apply to any purchase of Student Midwife Studygram digital products for personal and non-commercial use, and should be read as applying in addition to the STANDARD Terms & Conditions of all purchases. Use of Student Midwife Studygram’s images without licence is strictly prohibited.

This licence does not apply to any commissioned work or any purchase made for commercial use, which are subject to difference licence conditions – see our information on Commissions and Commercial Use.


  • A single licence for personal (non-commercial) use is granted on purchasing a digital personal product (as below) from Student Midwife Studygram (a trading name of Student Studygram Ltd) through this website ( only.
  • No other organisations, services or websites are permitted to grant licence for use of any Student Midwife Studygram image.
  • Purchased licences have no expiry date, unless these terms and conditions are breached.
  • In the event of a breach of this licence by any Purchaser, all rights under the licence are terminated and the licence is revoked.
  • All purchases are digitally watermarked to uniquely identify the Purchaser.
  • A licence purchased under these terms is strictly non-transferable. Should you wish to purchase a digital product as a gift, you should purchase a Gift Card so that the recipient can personally agree to the terms of the licence for use on purchase.
  • Copyright of all images remains, at all times, owned by Student Studygram Ltd.


  • Personal Use of Student Midwife Studygram’s images is where the use of the images is for the sole use of the Purchaser and where the Purchaser will not share, sell or otherwise transmit to or use the images for the benefit of any other person in any format including printed or digital.
  • Any purchase made by or on behalf of any organisation (of any form including non-profit or charity – though charitable discounts are available) is NOT Personal Use.


  • These additional Terms & Conditions apply to purchases of any Product from Student Studygram Ltd identified as a ‘DIGITAL PERSONAL PRODUCT’ in the product description, which are purchased for personal use (as defined above).
  • These Terms & Conditions are in ADDITION to the standard Terms & Conditions for all orders.


  • The Purchaser may use this product for any personal use (defined above) in any format.
  • The Purchaser may share this product in digital or printed format where used in the course of any accredited programme of academic study where the Purchaser is a student of that programme and this product is:
    • incorporated into a submission of coursework created by the Purchaser, provided a statement is made that ‘Images © Student Studygram Ltd – used under licence’;
    • used in a presentation by the Purchaser which is delivered face to face or broadcast live, provided a statement is made on any slide on which the product appears that ‘Images © Student Studygram Ltd – used under licence‘. The presentation may be recorded provided the statement remains intact. The original presentation file must not be made publically available.


  • Images must not be used unless in accordance with the licence provided.


  • As a digital download this product is NOT REFUNDABLE once downloaded which is logged by the server. As we cannot ascertain the success or otherwise of a download, any attempted download is included in this clause. Unlimited download attempts are permitted during the permitted download period.
  • The Purchaser has up to 30 days (‘the permitted download period’), commencing with the day of purchase, to download the Product from the date the Purchaser receives the link before the link expires. Should the Purchaser fail to download the Product within that 30 day period then on request and on confirmation of no previous downloads (logged by the server) a further 30 day period will be granted up to and including 365 days from the date of purchase UNLESS the product has been withdrawn from sale in which case a refund will be offered.
  • Files must not be altered to misrepresent the original work by Student Midwife Studygram.
  • Student Midwife Studygram will not provide any technical support to the use of digital files or images.
  • Images are provided in sufficient quality for typical print uses. Where described as a ‘poster’ the quality is sufficient for printing up to A3 size in the provided file format. Text on images is in raster format (not vector) and quality will be affected if the image is shrunk or enlarged.


  • While every effort has been made as to the accuracy of the images created, Student Midwife Studygram (a trading name of Student Studygram Ltd) provides images “as is” and does not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the images shown of the products for any particular purpose.
  • Student Midwife Studygram assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions.
  • Student Midwife Studygram hold no liability for any decision made, action taken or arising in consequence of the use of digital images purchased under a licence other than that which may be required by the law of England and Wales.
  • All Purchasers are encouraged to cross-reference the information portrayed in any images for accuracy and applicability
  • Images are created on the basis of guidelines for healthcare in England and Wales, unless otherwise referenced. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to verify compliance with any domestic regulatory or other legal requirements in their country or any other country in which they intend to provide educational courses or classes.

END: Digital Product Personal (Non-Commercial) Use Licence (version 1.0)