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Please use these resources for free! Please just ensure the logo and credit remain intact. These are available at no cost but must not be resold or used for any commercial gain.

Weight Conversion Chart

Weight Conversion Chart

This conversion chart allows you to go from Grams to Pounds and Ounces, or Pounds and Ounces to Grams. Keep it saved on your phone for quick reference on shift, if your trust allows this.

If going from Grams to Pounds and Ounces, find the nearest figure in grams to your figure and then read the Pounds from the top and Ounces from the side.

If going from Pounds and Ounces to Grams, find the Pounds on the top, Ounces at the side and read the figure from the middle where the row and column meet.

Click to Download the Conversion Chart

Anatomy Labelling Worksheets

These worksheets are anatomical diagrams with the labels missing. Complete the labels, researching the correct answer if you’re not sure! If you want to print them out, they are best printed on A4 size paper (or Letter, scaled to fit).