Breastfeeding Support Bundle 1 – Digital Download



This PDF Download Bundle includes a pack of 10 downloadable images suitable for midwives, student midwives, birth educators, health visitors and breastfeeding support workers wishing to support their educational practice for mothers and mothers-to-be. The included images are:

  • External Anatomy of the Breast
  • Internal Anatomy of the Breast
  • Lobules – Internal Anatomy of the Breast
  • Latch and Position
  • Colostrum Properties
  • Breastfeeding Hormones
  • Prolactin Receptor Theory
  • Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation (FIL)
  • Breastfeeding Benefits
  • Breast Artwork

This product is a digital download in PDF format. There are 10 separate PDF documents to download.

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