Revision Flashcard Bundle



UPDATE 12/01/2022 : Due to an unexpected surge in orders for these flashcards, we are running low on stock. Orders are fulfilled in the order they are received and we are taking backorders should we run out. A new print run is in progress and we should have full stock again by around 21st January at which point all outstanding orders will be despatched.

A bundle of four packs of our Revision Flashcards, suitable for Student Midwives and Student Maternity Support Workers (MSWs).

This bundle contains a total of 60 flashcards including:

  • Midwifery Anatomy and Physiology (20 flashcards)
  • Fetal and Newborn Anatomy and Physiology (10 flashcards)
  • Feeding Anatomy and Advice (10 flashcards)
  • Practical Midwifery Infographics (20 flashcards)

With the Revision Flashcard Bundle you also get a 5″x5″ presentation box with clear plastic viewing window and a cover card for the collection. This bundle gives a saving of £9.97 over buying each pack individually – a saving of almost 20%! (price buying each pack separately – £49.96).

All professionally printed on high quality 350gsm silk 5″×5″ card, this bundle includes:

Midwifery Anatomy and Physiology:

  • The Maternal Pelvis (x4 flashcards)
  • Female Reproductive Organs (x6 flashcards)
  • The Menstrual Cycle (x2 flashcards)
  • Fertilisation and Embryo Development (x3 flashcards)
  • The Fetal Head (x4 flashcards)
  • The Pelvic Floor

Fetal and Newborn Anatomy and Physiology:

  • The Fetal Circulatory System
  • The Fetal and Newborn Hearts (x2 flashcards)
  • Fetal Blood Sampling
  • The Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact
  • Vernix Caseosa
  • Neonatal Assessment
  • Newborn Infant Bloodspot Test (x2 flashcards)
  • Newborn Weight Calculation

Feeding Anatomy and Advice:

  • The Neuroendocrine Response
  • The Pituitary Gland
  • Prolactin and Oxytocin – Hormones
  • The Synthesis of Breastmilk
  • Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation
  • Breastfeeding:
    • Position and Attachment (x2 flashcards)
    • The Feeding Pattern
    • Hand Expression of Breastmilk (x2 flashcards)

Practical Midwifery Infographics:

  • Gravitidy and Parity
  • Fetal Lie
  • Fundal Height
  • Cardiotocography (CTG)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Rhesus Incompatibility
  • Placental Position
  • The ‘Rights’ of Medication Administration
  • Obstetric Positions
  • Vaginal Examination
  • Effacement and Dilation
  • The Fetal Station
  • The Rhombus of Michaelis
  • McRobert’s Manoeuvre
  • Placental appearance
  • Vitamin K
  • Iron Deficiency Anaemia
  • Assessment of Breastfeeding
  • Breastmilk Storage Guidance
  • Blood Pressure


All sent in one presentation box and delivered free of charge (within the UK).


PLEASE NOTE: This product is included in the “I Got Into Uni” Bundle

This bundle of flashcards DOES NOT INCLUDE the CTG Flashcard Pack.