The “I got into Uni” Bundle




A bundle of our products ideal for the new starter at University studying Midwifery (or the existing student who just wants value for money)!

This bundle represents excellent value for money providing £89.99 worth of goods for just £59.99!

This bundle includes:

  1. Midwifery Revision Flashcards Starter Set – includes presentation box for all flashcards (10 flashcards)
  2. Midwifery Complications Flashcard Expansion Pack (10 flashcards)
  3. Breastfeeding Flashcard Expansion Pack (10 flashcards)
  4. Midwifery Mnemonics Flashcard Expansion Pack (20 flashcards)
  5. Hormones Flashcard Expansion Pack (7 flashcards)
  6. Vertex Presentations Poster 12″x12″ square
  7. The Station of the Presenting Part Poster 12″x12″ square
  8. The Mechanism of Labour Poster 12″x12″ square
  9. Skin to Skin Poster 12″x12″ square
  10. Student Midwife Lanyard and ID holder –  ID holder style may vary slightly depending on availability during the Covid-19 Pandemic

(click on each item to see individual descriptions of what is included)

The total cost of buying these products separately is £89.99. At £59.99 for this bundle of products this is a saving of £30.

Free postage within the UK