FLASH SALE – Midwifery Mnemonics Pocket Pack


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Pack of 20 (including cover) professionally printed on high quality 450gsm Silk Paper – Gloss Laminated – size 3″x3″.

This is a set of prompt flashcards for midwives and student midwives covering the medical mnemonics typically used. They are ring-bound with blue, gold, pink or purple clip ring (I’m sorry but I cannot take colour requests). The cards are individually gloss laminated to ensure they are wipe-clean.

Topics covered:

  • Cover Card
  • Decision Making (BRAIN)
  • Contraception Complications (ACHES)
  • Pelvis Types (GAP)
  • Treatment for Sepsis (BUFALO)
  • Symptoms of Pre-Eclampsia (PRE)
  • Severe Pre-Eclampsia (HELLP)
  • Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy (LARA CROFT)
  • Pre-Term Labour (PASTA)
  • Uterine Contraction Assessment (DIF)
  • Cardiotocography (DR C BRAVADO)
  • Tocolytics “It’s Not My Time” (INMT)
  • Shoulder Dystocia (HELPERR)
  • Causes of Shoulder Dystocia (PPPP)
  • Criteria for Forceps Delivery (FORCEPS)
  • Cord Prolapse (CCORD)
  • Causes of Post-Partum Haemorrhage (TTTT)
  • Post-Partum Haemorrhage Risk Factors (PPPARTUM)
  • The Post-Natal Assessment (BUBBLE)
  • Newborn Assessment Score (APGAR)

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