Midwifery Pocket Reference Cards




A handy set of FIVE double-sided quick reference cards for essential midwifery information relevant to practice. The cards cover:

  • Midwifery Blood Sampling – bottle colours for typical midwifery related blood tests and the order of the draw (2 sides)
  • Maternal Observations – Temperature, Systolic and Diastolic BP, Pulse, Resps, AVPU and Urine Output – with boundaries for MEOWS charts
  • SBAR – typical information you might deliver in a handover report
  • Type of Vertex Presentation – presentations found on examination
  • Bishop’s Score – for progression in labour
  • APGAR Score – assessment of the newborn on delivery
  • Newborn Observations – Temperature, Heart Rate, Resps, Saturations and Colour, Behaviour – with boundaries for NEWTT charts
  • Breastmilk Storage Guidance
  • Artificial Feeding – Feeding Plans – calculating required feed volumes

These cards are suitable for use with our Lanyard ID holder. As you may not be able to fit all of them in together with hospital ID cards, etc…, we have included a rigid plastic pocket case for safe storage in your bag or pocket.

The cards are ID / business card size (85mm x 55mm) and gloss laminated for easy wipe cleaning.

Delivery is free within the UK (unless combined with other products where other shipping costs may apply).

PLEASE NOTE: These cards have been created based on RCOG, NICE, NHS Trust and British Association of Perinatal Medicine Guidelines in the United Kingdom. Even within the UK, some NHS Trust Guidelines and blood sample bottle colours may differ. Please double-check your local guidelines before relying on the figures provided.

LANYARD and ID HOLDER are sold separately.