Postnatal Ward Planner – Pad of 50 A4 Sheets


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This product was created as a result of my own practical experiences in a busy postnatal ward. I found myself using sheets of paper to write notes of who needed what and when, along with key patient information or risks. Over time this built into a structured format which became this pad of planner sheets.

This product is a pad of 50 tear-off A4 planner sheets for use in the postnatal wards. Professionally printed on high quality 120gsm smooth paper and glued along the top-edge, the pad is backed with heavy greyboard to protect it. With 50 sheets and plenty of room, this pad should last you 50 shifts!

Boxes are available to create a plan of the day with key timed entries for specific patients or other activities. Times are not pre-printed to allow for different shift times and lengths as well as personal preference on completion.

Specific patient needs can also be tracked including:

  • need for Adult and Infant Postnatal checks
  • the Newborn Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) screening)
  • the issuing of medication for discharge
  • the completion of the discharge ‘chat’ and entry of patient notes and data onto the computer systems
  • the number of urine voids in a Trial WithOut Catheter (TWOC), with extra space allowed in case your trust or a particular patient case needs a third void
  • blood samples needed or key results from previous samples.

The reverse is blank for any extra notes you may wish to make.

The planner is intended for patients to be tracked by bay / room in order to maximise confidentiality. There is a handy reminder that the sheet should be regarded as confidential. You MUST treat it as confidential waste in accordance with your trust guidelines when no longer needed.

Delivery is free within the UK (unless combined with other products where other shipping costs may apply).