One day I was sitting writing up my notes on fetal circulation, wondering how on earth all this human physiology and anatomy would stay in my easily distracted brain, and the next day I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness of women on social media.

At the end of March 2018, I thought I’d create an Instagram page which would incorporate all of my revision notes. It seemed such a shame to write and draw diagrams that only I would use. Additionally, I realised that if they were stored in this way I could take them anywhere I wanted and still be able to revise and look at them if I had the odd minute whilst out and about. I love drawing. I had no idea anatomical art excited me so much until the day I drew my first placenta. I’ve become increasingly passionate about these extraordinary organs and on my first week of placement I even got called up to labour ward to see a succenturiate lobed placenta. I could not wait to get home and interpret what is seen on paper. My drawings are now becoming my way of therapeutically interpreting things I have witnessed and experienced on my ward placements. Some people write, some people talk, apparently I draw!

So many people commented on Instagram and then on Facebook that I should sell what I draw – so here it is – my shop!

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